Property Tech

Green living is about as popular of a buzz term as anything going today when it comes to real estate. The truth is that while saving energy is always a great idea, its very costly and often difficult to implement. Since 2008's United States real estate collapse, housing values have dropped anywhere from 10 to 70 percent depending on the region and neighborhood yet having some of the latest and more smart Pool Viewtechnologies can help you get maximum money for your home.

The trick to getting the most out of the technology that you put into your home is to make sure your investment is solid. The top grossing Beverly Hills real estate agent, Jade Mills has listings from a few million dollars to estates costing over $50,000,000 including many celebrity owned properties. She suggests that you pick your technology carefully unless you have a property that can justify the full green treatment. Malibu real estate mogul, Christopher Cortazzo, suggests that green is always a hot button with buyers north of $2,000,000 along the coast but how much green you have spend to reach these standards can provide diminishing terms. Solar for example is often hard to justify unless the cost is amortized over more than ten years. Of course if the price of solar continues to get less and less expensive – the technology is easier to justify. For now, a seller needs to be careful as to how much they invest as to not give over-do the green tech for their home thus using up their profit.

Three Ways To Affordably Add Green Elements To Your Home That Will Help It Sell

LED Inceiling LightingLighting control adds value to a high end home and can be added affordably added with hiring an electrician. Being able to set lighting scenes allow you to create drama and intrigue from a room in ways that traditional lights can't provide. You can wash walls with light or spot lights on art work in conjunction with other more traditional lighting fixtures and lamps in any given room. You do need more lights including in-ceiling lights but these MR-16 bulb based lights can also be swapped out for LED products that are pretty fantastic too. Being able to dim your lights gives you the ability to use less energy to create more of a luxurious look. Controllers like Lutron's Graphix Eye also help you control the lights and can be run even from the most simple room remote controls.

Sticking with the lighting theme, your electrician can install outdoor LED lights that work with smart timers that come on when the sun goes down and goes off at a time that you set. Be careful going overboard with the LED lights as they are addictive to add to your layout but you can easily overload your transformer and adding more cable, redoing your wiring (copper is expensive and that's what cable is made of) is pricey. If you keep things under control you can add that "Hotel Bel Air" look to your home outside that gives a wonderful look and mystique to your property without spending a fortune.

Window treatments are one of the big costs in a luxury home and they are often custom fit to a room thus a sunk cost for home owners and left for the next buyers. Keeping your house from getting hammered by the sun can keep your cooling costs down which can save you tons of money while you own a home and can be a selling point with potential buyers. Products like Lutron's new battery operated roll-down Hotel Bel Airshades cost less than $300 per window and add the sizzle of remote controlled shades to a room without having to break the bank. These shades fit inside the window sill and can be custom made for the length and width while additionally matched to one of 20 plus colors that fit your décor. An RF remote makes it so that you can point a tiny remote or your home automation controller in any direction but lower and raise the shades. Moreover, these shades are a snap to install – just bring enough D-cell batteries as each shade takes six batteries but they reportedly last three years or longer and don't require any other source of power.

There are other things you can to do upgrade your property to make it more green like installing a water system that catches rainwater for your plants. You can replace your insulation, replace windows and doors and even stuff the walls of your house with recycled blue jeans. The options are endless but the above tricks are designed to deliver the most WOW factor to your luxury home without blowing your budget.